Website Security, Updates & Maintenance

WordPress Security & Maintenance

Save yourself the pain of a hacked or crashed website.  While you focus on your business, we take care of:


Website Hosting Management

  • Annual Hosting, Domain Name renewal
  • Monitor Site & Plugin expirations & renewal
  • Tracking Web Host Emails throughout the year


Site Backups & Monitoring

  • monitor backups of database and files (automatic daily, weekly or monthly backups)
  • monthly manual backups (just in case)
  • backup testing


Security Updates & Repair

  • monitor site
  • updates plugins and themes
  • repair security related issues including restoring hacked or crashed site

Hacked/Crashed Site Repair

dontpanic_smallerHas your site been hacked?  Did your site crash?  We can help!
We will clean your site, make it more secure and tell you how to keep it secure.  If your site has been blacklisted by Google, we will contact Google to get it back on the search results pages. Contact us to get started.