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Recommended Social Media Marketing Resources

Recommended Social Media Marketing Resources

There are some books that I recommend to those launching their businesses on the web. Usually those learning WordPress find themselves “on overload” at some point or another. It’s a good idea to take a break when that happens because your productivity plummets. Try switching gears and looking at some related marketing ideas. You will soon be able to add marketing and social media to your arsenal and apply it to your website. For some, it may be a matter of transferring the fun of Facebook to business, for others, it may be learning how to post on Facebook or another platform (Google+ anyone?). Whatever your level of social media literacy, experiment and learn!

In the interest of full disclosure, the links below to Amazon are affiliate links, so I do get compensated. However, the price to you remains the same as if you had gone directly to Amazon. I am frequently asked, “But how do I get on the first page of Google?” Google Search  has reinvented itself several times and continues to do so.  The “recipe” for being on the first page has become more complicated. There is no getting around hard work to achieve this goal.

“But how do I get on the first page of Google?”

David Amerland explains how Google Search works in understandable terms. He uses realistic examples to illustrate how you can leverage the world of social media to build trust and connect with your potential customers and promote your brand in a meaningful way.