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Don't Get Caught Without a Backup

5 Keys to a Good Website Backup Plan

Don’t Get Caught Without a Backup!

5 Things to Consider

When Making Your WordPress Backup Plan


• Database – The database contains your pages, posts, comments, users, categories, tags and links.
• Files  – The files contain your themes, media files and plugins.


• Your web hosting company
• A free WordPress plugin (such as UpDraftPlus).
• A premium WordPress plugin. I recommend VaultPress as it is easy, their support is excellent. It is made by Automattic – the same company that created WordPress, so there are no compatibility or update issues. They also store your backups as part of their service. Read more about VaultPress.
• A company or someone you hire to take care of your website (including backing it up), such as Ripple Web Design.
• Yourself


• Manual Backups
• Automated Backups
• Scheduled Backups


• Daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
• How long are the backups kept? (Ask me why this is important.)
(Does each backup replace a previous backup so that you only have one copy?)
• Before a WordPress Core and/or Plugin updates
• After you have made significant changes to the site


• on your computer
• on an external hard drive
• on the web host’s server
• on the server of the backup company (i.e. VaultPress server)
• in your email account
• online (or “cloud”) storage services (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) free or paid.

Download the Backup Planning sheet.