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Julie Principe & Katie Dittrich at the Google Educator's Summit

Google Educators Summit

Attended the Google Educator’s Summit in April

It was as amazing as I expected it would be!  Great people (old friends and new), excellent presenters, relevant content and lots of “Oh that’s how you do it” moments!  And of course the “You can do that?” moments.  Spread about with some silliness and there you have it…… I’ve been “GOOGLIZED”.

WordCamp Vancouver 2015

WordPress WordCamp 2015

Newbie or Developer …. Attend WordPress WordCamp!

If you are a WordPress Developer, as a WordCamp attendee (or presenter) you are participating in (and therefore contributing to) the WordPress community. If you are new to WordPress and still trying to figure it out, you will learn in layers. Web Design knowledge and skills don’t come systematically to most learning WordPress. Many people are experimenting with the platform while building their own sites. This kind of learning tends to be erratic, solitary, and at times both rewarding: “Ha! That’s how you do it!” and frustrating: “Seriously? A Fatal Error!”

I just got home from another fabulous Vancouver WordCamp. By attending this annual event as well as the monthly WordPress Meetups, I keep my finger on what’s new in the WordPress world of web design & development. I can also get answers to my burning questions as well as share my successes and my not-so-shiny moments.

Talking, sharing and networking with others feeds your progress along the WordPress Continuum.  Even if the topic seems way over your head today, another day you are very likely to pull that vague understanding from the back of your brain to help you decide on a theme, plugin or method.  Or maybe you will just be reassured that you are actually on the right path to solving a problem.

Word Camp is all of these things for me.  This year again, the presenters were great! I particularly enjoyed Mandi Wise’s Presentation on Content-First Content Management.  Find out about the WordCamp in your area, take a deep breath, and SIGN UP!

Mobile-Friendly Wordle Image

Google Favours Mobile

Are you going mobile or will you be left behind? 

Starting April 21, 2015, Google’s algorithm will change once again.  This time, it will lower the ranking of sites that are not mobile friendly.  This is a reflection of the shift of internet users to mobile devices.

According to Danyl Bosomworth at,

  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • 91% of internet users own a PC
  • 47% of internet users own a tablet

The pattern of usage emerging indicates that PCs still dominate the workplace, mobile is used during commuting times and tablets are gaining ground in the evening.  52% of digital media is accessed via Mobile Apps.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to use a site that has tiny text and missing graphics.  So, Google has a point.  Use Google’s tool to test your site.

Is your site mobile-friendly?